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I had no idea what erectile dysfunction was until one of my friends started experiencing it.​ I was really surprised to find out how common it is, and even more surprised to find out that a penis pump could help.​ I had heard of penis pumps, but I never knew they were used for ED treatment.​

My friend told me he had tried taking medication and it was not successful in treating his ED.​ He then decided he wanted to get a penis pump, but he was so embarrassed to tell his doctor.​ I’m so glad he ended up telling his doctor because they not only reassured him that penis pumps are a great way to treat ED, but they prescribed one for dildos him.​

When my friend got his penis pump, it was actually kind of funny – he described it as an “air pump” with a hose and some sort of valve-like thing that goes over the top of the hose.​ He told me how to use it, but honestly it was a little confusing – but he made sure to emphasize that it was safe.​

His doctor had explained to him that the penis pump works by creating a vacuum seal when you place it over your penis, then pump the air out.​ This process causes the volume of your Penis Rings to increase and helps to treat the symptoms of ED.​

My friend was so excited when he told me he had tried out his penis pump for the first time and found it to be successful.​ He said he even enjoyed the sensation of the vacuum being created, and he was happy to be able to experience an erection.​

He also mentioned how using the penis pump was really simple and convenient, and he also likes that it is completely safe to use.​ He said his doctor explained that the penis pump helps to increase the blood flow in his penis and help him experience an erection.​

I amazing how one little pump could change my friend’s life.​ He often talks about how much it has helped him and how thankful he is for it.​ Not having to take any medication or worry about side effects was a major benefit for him.​ He is forever grateful for his penis pump!

My friend isn’t the only one who has benefitted from using a penis pump – there are a ton of other men who have as well.​ I’m really glad he was able to experience relief from his ED, and it definitely proves that penis pumps are a great way to treat ED.​

I guess the take-home message here is that penis pumps have been a game-changer in helping men treat ED.​ I would absolutely recommend that anyone suffering from ED talk to their doctor about a penis pump before trying any medication.​ They are a safe and effective way to treat the symptoms of ED without the same levels of risk as taking medication.​

The wonderful thing about a penis pump is that it gives men back their confidence and allows them to live life without any feelings of shame or stigma about their condition.​ Plus, penis pumps are non-invasive and can be used anywhere.​

As someone who is close to someone who’s experienced the effects of ED, I am pleased to see that penis pumps have helped so many men in a way that medication could not.​ I have not only witnessed how penis pumps can help, but I have also seen the full relief that they can bring.​