First of all, I want to let you in a fact that’s kind of hard to believe: guy fucks sex doll close up. When I first heard about it, I was shocked, confused and just kind of grossed out. How is this even a thing? Who thought it was a good idea?

China Realistic Sex Doll Products Child Siliocne Mini Love Dolls - China Child Love Dolls and ...But the more I thought about it, the more I understood the appeal. To be honest, I’m kind of intrigued. Let’s face it: sexual exploration and discovery are human needs. So, if that’s what gets someone off – who am I to judge?

I’m admitting it here – I’ve been doing some research, and I must say I’m getting dang curious. What would it be like to experience something like this for myself? Well, I could only dream. Everyone is different, and we’re all entitled to satisfy our desires in the ways we do best.

What struck me the most, however, is the sense of connection one must have with the doll. How intimate can someone get with something that’s not real? To me, Penis Rings it seems like an oxymoron, yet how does the pleasure not become stale?Is it related to the “self-love” movement, where people are encouraged to use sex toys to satisfy their carnal needs?

It’s strange, because it’s like a catch-22 – you want to feel connected, but at the same time, that connection is a reminder of your own lonliness. What kind of message does that send? Furthermore, how do people reconcile the moral and ethical implications of “cheating” on someone, even if it is with a doll?

On one hand, I can understand the rationale for someone engaging in this activity. People get lonely, and have needs and cravings that can’t always be met in a traditional relationship. Plus, there’s the physical pleasure factor which is hard to deny.

But on the other hand, I can’t help but think there must be something really wrong if someone feels the need to seek such an extreme measure to satisfy their desires. In any case, it goes to show how complex we humans can be, and how our minds and bodies can take us down a path of unremitting curiosity.


I’ve recently heard another reason why people turn to guy-fucking-sex-doll close up – escapism. A lot of people find it hard to connect with another human being, and seek a refuge in inanimate objects. Maybe it’s a distraction from their real-life issues. I mean, we all need an escape route from the rat race of everyday life.

It makes me wonder how this type of activity might differ from playing a game, reading a book, or just zoning out in front of the TV. Is this just an extreme case of trying to shut out the world? Perhaps it’s a need to fill a void inside, to feel alive and desired without having to involve another person.

Maybe it’s an internal need to indulge in a sense of fulfilment and pleasure that comes with being intimate, but without the fear of emotional investment or vulnerability. To not be judged or criticised or conform to social expectations. For some people, this seems like a perfect solution.

At the end of the day, it’s only fair to say that it’s all subjective. What makes someone feel satisfied might be completely wrong for another. In that way, it’s pretty ironic that it comes down to the same thing: pleasure.Whether you get it from a doll or from another human being, the ultimate goal is that feeling of satisfaction, of completeness.

To push this idea a bit further; are there any other alternatives? Can we find pleasure that doesn’t involve physical contact? After all, communication is powerful too. Maybe it’s worth diving into this topic and exploring the options.

How about digital connections? Scarcely a decade ago, we were all online ‘friends’; now, whole communities of people are connecting without ever having encountered each other in person. Could this be a viable solution in replacing physical contact?

Surely, it has its risks. Digital relationships are still evolving; and while some people find real connections and satisfaction in them, others resort to them in an effort to curb their loneliness or seek validation.It could also be a double-edged sword: while they can provide a sense of fulfillment, they fail to deliver a sense of safety and security.

For me, guy fucks sex doll close up is something I’ll never really understand, but at the same time, I appreciate it as yet another form of sexual liberation. We all have different needs and desires, and sometimes, we need to go to extraordinary routes to satisfy them. If it’s within our ethical and moral boundaries – who am I to say no?