helping bf with penis pump video

There I was, watching my boyfriend playing around with a penis pump – and trust me, it’s not something I thought I would ever do.​ But we had seen a video on how to use a penis pump, and my boyfriend thought it could help him if he wanted to increase his penis size.​ Honestly, I was a bit taken aback when he asked me to watch and help.​

I mean.​.​.​ penis pump? Really? What do I know about these things? So, I thought it could be a funny learning experience, if nothing else.​ We got comfortable on my bed and started watching the video.​ It was kind of awkward, I’m gonna be honest about it.​ We weren’t sure what to expect.​

But then, to put it quite simply, the video was hilarious! I mean, we probably were laughing for 10 straight minutes.​ The whole thing was explained in a way that was both sensible and funny.​ Everything was also laid out very clearly, step by step, so it wasn’t hard to understand.​ We were also pretty amazed by how easy it was to use.​

My boyfriend was really happy that he could go through the video and get a good understanding of how to properly use the penis pump.​ He was more confident after watching it, and I was happy that I could help him.​ We even tried it out, just to make sure he knew what he was doing.​

The best part was that the video also explained the safety measures he should take if he was using the penis pump.​ It warned him to go slow and not pump too hard, so he wouldn’t hurt himself.​ It was like an extra layer of assurance that things wouldn’t go wrong.​

It wasn’t something I thought I would ever do, but being there and helping my boyfriend felt really nice.​ I was glad he wanted to be sure of what he was doing and hear my opinion.​ Even if it was an awkward thing at first, in the end it was actually a cool experience.​

It also made me realise that there is a lot more to learn about the anatomy of men and how they can be comfortable and confident with their bodies.​ I’m glad we watched the penis pump video and it gave us­ the chance to do that.​ We were both less apprehensive about it afterwards.​

However, there were also a few moments where it felt a bit uncomfortable.​ I mean, it’s not easy talking about pulling and pumping, and making sure everything was done the right way.​ But the video made it easier, and once we got over the awkwardness of the situation, it was kind of fun.​

I was also amazed by how modern technology can be used to explain these kinds of things in a much easier and more effective way.​ Even for something like a Penis Rings pump, there’s a video out there that can tell you everything you need to know.​ And we can learn a lot from it, too!

One thing I learned is that I’m capable of giving advice on something that’s out of my comfort zone.​ And I guess that’s a pretty powerful feeling.​ As weird as it sounds, it was a proud moment for sex toys me when me and my boyfriend were finished watching the penis pump video.​ We both knew that we had done a good job.​