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Do you ever get bored and need something to occupy your time? Well, I’ve recently found some cool stuff that I’m sure you and other guys might be interested in.​ It’s all about the best household items for male masturbation!

I’m not someone who believes in using sex toys or anything like that, but I am curious about trying a few of the items I’ve heard about.​ I’ve looked into it a lot, Penis Rings and I’ve found some really great things that you can use to enjoy yourself.​

For instance, a lot of people swear by using pillows and blankets when they are trying to get off.​ It’s a great way to change up the position and pressure of your hand, helping to create a more intense sensation.​ Plus, using your own bedding is a great way to give yourself some added comfort.​

Then there are the items you may already have around the house, like a tennis ball or vibrators a soft cloth.​ By placing either of these on a flat surface, you can work them against your penis to really get some amazing stimulation.​

Of course, there is always the classic towel wrapped around your hand.​ This is great for providing some great arousal and friction, and it’s definitely worth trying out.​ Plus, you don’t need to worry about compromising the material, as it’s easy to replace.​

Finally, there are the items like body lotions and oils that you can use during masturbation.​ Something like a massage oil can really make the experience more enjoyable, and that’s why I suggest keeping these items around.​ They are great for helping you relax and really get into the groove.​

Overall, I’m really impressed with the variety of items around the home that can be used for male masturbation.​ Whether you’re looking for something soft and comfortable, something a bit more stimulating, or just something to help you relax, there’s something for everyone.​ So why not give it a try?