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It’s amazing how lubricants can make male masturbation so much easier and more enjoyable.​ For years, I would find that lube wasn’t really my thing.​ I was more of a dry kind of guy.​ That was until I decided to try out some homemade male masturbation aids.​ I had tried using regular household items before, like soap, but I didn’t really find it to be as pleasurable as I had hoped.​ I started researching and stumbled across homemade lubricants that were not only easy to make but sounded delicious.​

My first experience with homemade lube was made with coconut oil and cocoa butter.​ The combination of the two felt like pure heaven! With a few swirls of my fingertip, I was gliding across my member in euphoric bliss.​ It felt like I was melting into the bed, my entire body tensing with pleasure.​

The next thing I decided to try was a mixture of aloe vera and mashed banana.​ If you love the sweet scent of tropical fruits, this one is for you.​ This lube created a sensational slide that had my toes curling with pleasure.​ I could feel every subtle sensation electrify my pleasure center until I was almost faint with delight.​

I also tried out a blend of shea butter and olive oil.​ This one was perfect for people who wanted a more natural lube experience.​ Not only was the glide smooth, but the combination of the two ingredients created a wonderful warm feeling that had me raring to go.​

My last homemade male masturbation aid was a recipe I found in an online forum that Vitamin E, peppermint essential oils, and honey.​ This one was perfect for cooling down my skin after a steamy session of self-pleasure.​ Not only did the combination create a slippery slide, the peppermint essential oil had a soothing effect that quickly dissipated any tension in my body.​

These homemade male masturbation aids have completely changed my self-pleasure experiences.​ Even if you don’t think lube is for you, I’d definitely recommend giving homemade lubes a try.​ The smell, taste, and sensation are truly unique and completely worth the effort.​ And who knows, you may find your perfect combination just like I did!

Next, I decided to explore the world of homemade male masturbation devices.​ I started out with small egg shaped devices that I could easily hold in the palm of my hand.​ These devices provided a nice gentle massage, like a more intense version of what you’d get with a traditional vibrator.​ The effect these devices had on my body was truly incredible.​

From there, I decided to try out a bit bigger device.​ I stumbled across a pleasantly-shaped molded penis that felt like a real lover.​ Then I moved on to double-headed vibrators that reached each and every erogenous zone.​ I even tried out a device that utilized multiple vibrators for a truly out-of-this-world experience.​

Another interesting device I found were penis sleeves.​ These sleeves provided additional texture and length to any device I used.​ Not only did they feel amazing, they were also incredibly aesthetically pleasing.​ Still, my favorite homemade male masturbation device is a toy I crafted from a block of soft foam.​ One side is textured and the other is smooth.​ Very few sensations can compare to the heightened pleasure of this device.​

As I began exploring the world of homemade male masturbation aids and devices, I realized that having an imagination and a bit of ingenuity goes a long way.​ There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating self-pleasure tools and toys out of items lying around the house.​ Nearly any item-from apples to socks- can be used.​

One of my most creative inventions involved using a tennis ball as a masturbatory aid.​ I simply cut a hole in one side and placed my Penis Rings inside.​ The textured surface of the ball felt amazing and using it allowed me to reach every angle and crevice of my member.​ It was an amazing experience unlike any other.​

When it comes to creating homemade male masturbation aids and devices, the possibilities are truly endless.​ With a bit of imagination and a few key ingredients, you can create an experience that is both pleasurable and unique.​ If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try.​ I guarantee you won’t regret it.​