how does water based lube feel like with sex toy

Hey friend! Everyone was always telling me to get a sex toy but I decided to take a plunge recently and get a prostate stimulator. After I finally ordered it, I realized I needed to pick up some water-based lube to go with it. I couldn’t stop thinking ‘what does water based lubes feel like with this thing?’ So I decided to find out.

First, the sensation of lube on my fingertips felt really smooth and most certainly not like the Vaseline I was used to. I was willing to find out what it felt like with the toy. It was a strange feeling, I put the lube on the toy and the texture was so smooth and nice. It didn’t feel cold or sticky on my skin. It felt silky and slick and it made it easier to apply the lube where I wanted it to go.

The result was also pleasantly surprising. I slid in the toy very easily and it felt incredibly smooth and comfortable. This was way better than what I was used to before, dildos and it made the experience much more enjoyable. The water-based lube also gave the toy a really nice glide, which made it easier to use.

I was really impressed with the water-based lube and what it did for my sex toy experience. This lube made it easier to insert the toys and it was more comfortable when I did. It also gave them an extra slippery feel that was enjoyable and made it easier to move around with the toy. But that’s not all.

The water-based lube also gave my sex toy experience a boost in pleasure. The slippery feel and ease of movement made it easier to find the right spots. It also made for a much more intense experience – it felt like the pleasure was just radiating through my body. It was incredible.

The water-based lube also didn’t cause any problems for my skin. After using the lube and the toy, my skin felt just fine, there was no irritation or anything like that. And it dried easily, too, so I didn’t have any worries about mess.

Overall, the water-based lube made for an amazing experience with my sex toy. It was slick, comfortable and made everything easier. It also didn’t cause me any problems with my skin and it made the pleasure even more incredible. I’m so glad I went for it when I was deciding what lube to get for my toy – it was the best choice I could have made.

In conclusion, dildos water-based lube is perfect for sex toys. If you’re looking for a lube to make your toy experiences even better, try it out. You won’t be disappointed.