how to put on a sex doll wig

So there I was, excitedly holding up my beautiful new sex doll wig. It was a statement piece, complete with long, luxurious ringlets that were begging to be sashayed around the room. I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for the task ahead, and began the process of carefully and Penis Rings correctly putting it on.

First things first, I read the instructions carefully and consulted the online video tutorials. This was a delicate wig, after all, so it had to be treated with care. I used my fingers to lightly comb through the curls and shook them out before positioning the wig cap onto my doll’s head.

I was prepared to leave room for some customization the first time I put on the wig, but boy was I surprised when I noticed how snug the fit was! It was an exact replica of how the model of the sex doll was wearing it, with a lovely even hairline all around. I was so proud of myself for pushing through and succeeding on the first attempt.

One particular characteristic of this wig that I found amazing was the adjustable lace closure in the back. Its stretchiness and scalability made it really easy to fit around the shape of my doll’s head. I was able to make tiny adjustments to any particulars that needed tweaking, and felt excited as I watched the overall form of the wig taking shape right before my eyes.

Since it was a delicate and process, I felt the need to finish off the look with a few sparing patches of wig glue. A few dollops here and there to hold down some loose edges and pin back any stray strands later — voila! — my sex doll was wearing the wig just like the model. It felt a little surreal, to be honest, and I was itching to spread the word around to my friends!

So, then I started to carefully crochet each row of the wig cap so that I could secure it around my doll’s head without causing any damage. It was a lengthy process, but I found it oddly therapeutic and meditative. I went slow and steady, double-checking my progress every now and then. And eventually, check and mate — I was done and ready to start styling!

I couldn’t help but take some time to admire my handiwork. The wig was so perfect and beautiful; I felt so proud that I was able to successfully put it on without any help from the professionals. Now I just had to figure out what look to next try out, sex toys maybe a cute and funky bob or a feminine schoolgirl-inspired ‘do. Who knows!