how to use a doc johnson manual penis pumping

My buddy recently mentioned something about manual penis pumping and I thought it would be fun to investigate it.​ When he said it, I wondered how you would do such a thing and if it’s even a safe thing to do.​ Of course, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to not just look into it, but to try it for myself.​

I took the plunge and purchased a Doc Johnson Power Pump.​ On the website, it boasted increased size and intensity with ease, and of course, I was pumped (no pun intended) to give it a try.​ First I read the manual and watched a few instructional videos to make sure I operated it correctly.​ The manual said usage was easy, and let me tell you, it was.​

After I gathered the essentials, I was exhilarated and ready to brave the unknown waters of pumping.​ I prepared myself by taking a warm shower and thoroughly washing my manhood and the pump before use.​ I made sure to moisturize my skin and the ring because the manual said that chafing can occur if you aren’t careful enough.​

I then used the base of the pump and place it to the base of my penis.​ The material that the pump was made from felt really strange, almost like plastic, but after a few seconds I got used to it.​ As soon as that was done, I started pumping the air out.​ Not too much, mind you.​ The manual said this was to create an anchor that catches the base of the pump.​

After two or three pumps, the pumping chamber started to feel warm, making me feel kind of aroused, so I knew I was doing something right.​ At this stage, I made sure to keep pumping until the tube was tight enough to maintain a seal.​ The pressure that I felt was quite intense but wasn’t painful, more like a tickling sensation and Penis Rings an excitement of getting bigger.​

At this point, I started to pump and pull with the natural movement of my arms.​ The manual said this was to create a ‘milking’ action.​ Every thrust of my hands created a slight build up of pressure and created an incredible vacuum Stretch.​ It was a bit strange, but also felt surprisingly good, and I could tell I was making progress after every successful stroke.​

When I was done, I pulled the cylinder off, released the seal, and felt the pumping chamber lose the pressure and my Penis Rings shrink back to its normal size.​ While it was shrinking back to normal size there was a mild vacuum sensation.​ The only indication of my session in the pump was the huge smile on my face and the warmth felt where the cylinder had been for the past 10 minutes or so.​

Now, I’m not going to lie, the first few tries were a bit uncomfortable and intimidating, but as time went by, I enjoyed it more and more, and found myself doing this increasingly often.​ I think that the trick is to start slow and get to know your pump, and don’t forget to pay attention to your body and its reactions.​