I have to admit, when I first heard about a male masturbator butt, I was not sure what to make of it.​ What was this strange contraption, and when should I use it? After getting more familiar with the product, however, my curiosity quickly turned to eagerness.​

To put it simply, a male masturbator butt is a male version of the traditional female vibrator.​ It’s a battery-powered or USB-powered device with a curved, adjustable shaft that is designed specifically for male genitalia stimulation.​ The main difference between a female vibrator and a male masturbator is that the male version has a number of additional features, such as adjustable suction, vibrations and different textures.​

Child sex doll an obscene item, judge rules - BBC NewsAs soon as I took my male masturbator butt out of the packaging, I was really impressed.​ It was surprisingly lightweight, and the design was modern and stylish.​ I was also really pleased with the range of settings my male masturbator butt could provide – from gentle pulsing to intense vibrations.​

Using my male masturbator butt for the first time was both nerve-wracking and exciting.​ I felt a bit embarrassed to be trying out my new toy while I was alone, but I soon forgot about my inhibitions as the vibrations and suction started to work their magic.​

My male masturbator butt completely changed the way I experienced masturbation.​ The suction created an excitingly unique feeling that just could not be replicated with my hands alone, while the vibrations were like little fireworks going off in my pants.​ I found myself using my male masturbator butt every chance I got.​

I soon found out that my male masturbator was great for solo play, but it could also enhance sex with a partner.​ During sex, I could use my male masturbator butt as an extra tool to help me last longer and reach an even more powerful orgasm.​ The suction and vibrations were a great addition to my partner’s own stimulation, and it seemed to make sex dolls all the more enjoyable.​

I’ve played around with a few different attachments for my male masturbator butt, and they all add their own unique sensations.​ Using a single-use condom with my masturbator has been especially amazing, because it collects the semen as I finish, making for a much cleaner and more pleasurable experience.​

I’m so glad I discovered the male masturbator butt.​ It’s opened up a whole new realm of pleasure and has become an integral part of my sex life.​ I would recommend it to anyone looking to take masturbation and sex to the next level.​

To expand on the topic, there are a number of other products that can be used in combination with the male masturbator butt.​ Lubricants, for example, can help make insertion more comfortable, while penis rings can help to increase pleasure and enhance erections.​ Anal beads are also a great option for those looking for extra intense stimulation, and butt plugs are ideal for those looking for more of a challenge.​

Another option to consider when using the male masturbator butt is to invest in a high-quality model.​ While the basics may suffice for some, more serious users may want to splurge for a more technologically advanced version.​ These products often include artificial intelligence software that allows you to customize the intensity and duration of your experience and create personalized sessions.​

There are even models that use app integration with a Bluetooth connection, so you can control your experience from anywhere.​ This feature allows you to have even more control over your pleasure and can make solo play more exciting.​ Advanced models may be more expensive, but they definitely increase the quality of pleasure of the user.​

Anal plugs are another popular toy to be used with the male masturbator butt.​ When inserted, the plug increases stimulation for the user, and when pulled out just before climax, the sensation can be explosive.​ For those looking to take their pleasure even further, prostate vibrators can provide heightened sensations.​

Finally, the male masturbator butt can be used in conjunction with other adult toys and sex accessories.​ Sex machines, penis enlargers and even a penis pump can be used to enhance pleasure while using the male masturbator butt.​ The possibilities for pleasure enhancement and exploration are truly endless.​