I recently bought this new soft male masturbator from this store.​ I’ve never gone out of my way to seek out explicit products before, but I figured it might not be a bad idea this time.​ Plus, I had been curious for a while.​ At first, I was taken aback by how soft it was; I had just assumed it would be harder like other sex toys I had used before.​ It had a sort of velvety feel and I loved it.​

I used it for the first time over the weekend and it couldn’t have gone better.​ I was so happy with the sensation it gave me; it was like I had never used anything before.​ The stimulations were so light and gentle, the sensation spread through my body like a wave.​ It was also really quiet, so I didn’t have to worry about anyone hearing it.​

The part I was most surprised about was how quickly and easily it got me off.​ I had never experienced this speed with other sex toys before; usually, I find it takes me ages before I’m able to climax.​ But this time, thanks to the softness and the gentleness of the toy, I was done within minutes.​

Aside from the sheer pleasure it provided, I really appreciated the fact that I felt safe while using it.​ When I’m using other toys, I sometimes feel a bit wary of being too rough or going too far, but this one had a good level of control.​ On top of that, it was really easy to clean.​ I think that might be the main reason why I like it so much.​

The thing I like most about the soft male masturbator is the way I feel when I’m using it.​ It’s like I’m in a bubble; I’m totally and utterly relaxed and just in the moment.​ It makes me feel confident and achieved and I come out of it feeling like a million bucks.​

So there you have it, my long, slightly embarrassing story of falling head-over-heels with a soft male masturbator.​ When I heard other people talking about how amazing they were, I thought it would be a good idea to get one for myself.​ But now that I’ve actually experienced it first-hand, I’m glad I chose to go ahead and try one.​ It’s definitely a worthwhile purchase.​

My opinion is that soft male masturbators are great if you’re new to sex toys like myself.​ They provide a kind of joy that other toys just can’t match and they’re gentle enough that you can really explore and experiment without worrying about hurting yourself.​ Plus, you don’t need to find anyone else that might not be so comfortable with this kind of thing.​

In addition, a soft male masturbator can really help to improve your sexual performance.​ After using this one a few times, I noticed that I was able to last a lot longer and that my orgasms were a lot stronger.​ This, in turn, makes sex with a partner all the more enjoyable.​

Finally, I love the idea of being able to get my hands on quality sex toys without having to go to a store or asking questions.​ It means that you don’t have to feel embarrassed or worried about being judged if you’re out shopping or browsing for something a bit more risqué.​ Plus, you can be sure that you’re always getting a high-quality product.​

To sum up, a soft male masturbator is a great thing to have in your sex toy arsenal.​ Not only does it provide excellent stimulation but it’s also a great way to boost your confidence and performance in the bedroom.​ It might take some getting used to, but with a bit of practice I guarantee that you’ll find it hard to go back to anything else.​