I recently learned about penis pumps, plus an entender.​ I was definitely curious, so I looked it up.​ Basically, an entender is an attachment that goes on the penis pump to create a sensation that can really help to increase pleasure during sex.​

I’m a big fan of exploring new things, so naturally, I decided to try out this penis pump plus entender.​ I was tentative at first, but with a little courage I soon got my pump ready and began to try it out.​ The sensation was definitely different – in a good way – it started off as a gentle massage which then escalated to a pleasurable tingling that left my body quivering with pleasure! I was absolutely loving it – and so was my partner.​

It was such an arousing experience – the entender was definitely the game-changer here and made the whole process even more enjoyable.​ I felt like I was in a state of euphoria and the end results were definitely worth it.​ My partner and I just had to keep going – the sensation was just too good to quit!

The best part was that the entender allowed me to control the intensity of the experience.​ I could adjust different levels of vibration and pressure, enabling me to really tailor my pleasure.​ This was great because it meant I could go to different lengths depending on my mood.​

At first glance, I was a bit wary about penis pumps and startled by the concept of an entender.​ But now that I’ve tried it, I am a complete convert – I’m absolutely in love with the whole concept and wouldn’t go back.​

The next step is to try out a few of the routines and techniques that go with using the pump and entender.​ I’m particularly keen to try out something called the ‘start and stop’ technique.​ This involves varying the pressure and compression, to achieve an even more intense sensation.​

I’m also eager to explore the other benefits that come with using the Penis Rings pump plus entender – such as increased stamina, an improved libido, and more confidence in the bedroom.​

My experience so far has been nothing but great and I’m really looking forward to learning more about how to use this amazing device.​ I’m sure the more I use it the more creative I’ll be in the bedroom!

In the next few sessions, I’m really keen to start experimenting with the levels of pressure, duration, and intensity of vibration.​ I’m also interested in branching out and trying out some more creative techniques like temperature play, and dildos exploring patterns and sequences.​

I can already tell I’m going to have a great time discovering and utilizing this amazing toy in all sorts of ways.​ I’m sure it will only end up enhancing my experience and that of my partner’s.​ What could be better than that?