injure penis from pump

I recently experienced a debilitating injury caused by a penis pump.​ I was out of commission for nearly three months.​ It makes me shudder to think that such an innocuous device could cause so much damage!

At first, I had thought the pump would be a great way to increase my size and give me a feeling of confidence.​ But I had no idea that by trusting in this simple device I was in for sex toys a world of pain.​

As I began to use it, there was a mild discomfort.​ I didn’t think too much of it and went about my business.​ But the next day, that discomfort had intensified to a real pain and agony.​ I couldn’t move an inch.​

I quickly realized I was in big trouble.​ I began to fear that I had really done a number on myself.​ Had I seriously injured my penis?

I quickly consulted a doctor who said that if I didn’t treat the injury properly, the condition might become irreversible.​ And sure enough, recovery was a lengthy process.​ It took weeks of hot and cold packs, physical therapy and, dildos in some cases, minor surgery.​

I learned an important lesson from all this: know your limits! Though it may be tempting to use something that promises you miracle results, be mindful of the potential risks.​ I am grateful that I’m now on the road to recovery but I take comfort in knowing I don’t have to rely on penis pumps to make me feel confident!

To make sure I wouldn’t put myself in this situation again, I made an effort to understand the mechanics of using a penis pump correctly.​ I educated myself on the potential warning signs or symptoms that indicate something is wrong and the importance of using a lubricant to minimize friction and potential damages.​

I also learned how to recognize when the pressure and vacuum levels have become more than my body can handle and how to properly adjust them to avoid pain.​

As I continued to read up on the subject, I realized that using pumps safely and responsibly can have tremendous benefits for the size and health of one’s genitalia.​ It turns out that the device, when used correctly in conjunction with other treatments, can help increase blood flow and create a healthier penis.​

But knowing these facts and addressing the issue won’t help me experience what I could have gained if I had the right information the first time.​ So, if you find yourself trusting your penis pump, do invest in educating yourself on its proper use—your future self will thank you!