It was my first time buying a dog shaped male masturbator.​ I was intrigued by the idea and couldn’t help but think if it was as satisfying as they say.​ I was always felt a quiet weirdness in talking about the subject, but exploring the possibilities of sex and pleasure had become my way of life, and having a dog shaped male masturbator just seemed like a natural, albeit strange, transition.​

To be honest, when I first unboxed the male masturbator, I wasn’t sure what to think.​ It looked like something from a future sci-fi movie! Its two ends took the shape of ears resembling like a dog’s and I could feel the material was soft and squishy.​ It was designed to work exclusively with male anatomy so it has a humanoid shape which fits perfectly within the rests of shaking body and intense excitement.​

Once I started to use it, I found that it had just the right balance between stimulation and relaxation.​ I felt the sensation of a deep massage, dildos gradually increasing intensity with a variety of different tempos and levels of speed.​ The sensations were intense but soothing and it felt like a layer of pleasure that kept growing, as if it was getting more pleasurable with every second.​

At first, the feeling was quite bizarre, like something alien that I’d never felt before.​ I felt excited like a kid discovering a new toy.​ I kept exploring the different sensations that the dog shaped male masturbator provided, and the longer I used it, the more blissful the experience became.​ This pleasure was undeniable and before I knew it, my body had just been taken on a wild and previously unknown journey.​

The sensation was always evolving, and I kept getting surprised by the new features and variations of pleasure that the dog shaped male masturbator provided.​ It was absolutely magical and definitely the most intense sexual experience that I had ever felt.​ It was simply like nothing I’d ever felt before.​

I think that the most special aspect of this experience is that it was all mine.​ I was in complete control, and vibrators I was the one creating and modulating the sensations.​ I found that this allowed me to get out of my head and into my body, and it was a truly unique connection that I hadn’t felt before.​

Coupled with the fact that I was able to control the intensity and its “dog-like” design made it feel like I was getting an intimate massage from a cute little toy.​ It felt like I was a dog receiving cuddles from its master, and that just made the experience unbelievably amazing.​

The amazing thing about this male masturbator was that it just kept getting better and better with every use.​ Its design and features allowed me to explore brand new sensations every time I used it.​ I felt like I was diving deeper and deeper into a pool of pleasure.​

Its effectiveness was such that I was usually getting lost in the pleasure after just a few uses and the immersive sensations made me completely forget the world around me.​ It felt like I was in a completely different universe, and the experience was absolutely out of this world!

The uncontrollable intensity of this male masturbator was like nothing I had ever experienced before.​ I kept exploring more and more variations with every use, and the sensations felt unbelievably real! I loved how it kept pushing the limits of pleasure and never felt like the same experience twice.​

This male masturbator brought with it a unique feeling of sensual satisfaction, like nothing I had ever felt before.​ The sensations were so strong and blissful that I felt like I was in an altered state of mind.​ It was utterly incredible and it was definitely the most intense pleasure I have ever felt!