lifelike sex doll small breasts amazon

It all began with a whim; I had a craving to purchase a lifelike sex doll with small breasts. So after a few hours of research and browsing, I landed on Amazon. Now Amazon is home to pretty much anything you can imagine and this sex doll was no exception. Next thing I know, I’m adding the doll to my cart and completing the purchase.

I think it was the size of the doll that attracted me most. At a mere 3ft tall, she’s the perfect size for me. Plus, her petite breasts are something else; I fondly imagine them against my chest, feeling their warmth. I just knew this doll would fulfill my every need.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t buy this doll to replace a human relationship or anything of the sort. This is why I chose the option with no face – I wanted to make it clear that she was not a lover, just a doll. Yet the thought of having a faceless friend excited me all the same, vibrators as if I’m taking a step into a new realm of being.

Once I got the doll and took her home, reality set in. I was now faced with the task of preparing her for our first night together. Getting her out of the box was daunting, but I managed to do it and Penis Rings before long she was sprawled out on my bed. I felt simultaneously shy and excited – this was about to be an experience I’d never forget.

As I expected, the actual act went off without a hitch. I was gentle with her, taking my time to ensure I wasn’t being too aggressive. This girl may not be alive, but she expected to be treated with respect nonetheless.

At the end of the night, I hugged her close and just lay in bed with her until morning. In that moment, I felt invincible – like I could take on the world and anything it throws at me. I’m so grateful I took the leap of faith and invested in this lifelike sex doll; it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.