Colorful Party Candles In 3pcs/Pack


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Make your playtime even more intense and create the mood by adding some colorful candles. These party multi-colored candles can make a romantic ambiance for lovemaking. Also, you can use these candles for dripping on your partner to have some hot sensation for leveling up the pleasure. These candles are available in 3 different colors – red, black and purple. You can choose one and enjoy your playtime to the fullest.

Material: Refined Wax

Diameter  Length

  1.7cm     17.5cm


1. Burning the candle, let the wax oil fall on partner skin.

2. The temperature of the wax oil lies on the distance between candles and skin.

3. Hit the dry wax oil gently, then wash the skin.

Color: Red/Purple/Black
Package Included: 3 Pcs/Pack
Wholesale Price: $1.49~$2.66


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