Flexible Penis Ring Glans Block


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1.100% Brand New and high quality

2.Picture ruler in centimeters
3.Material: TPE
3.Inner Diameter: 0.7 Inch
4.Inner perimeter: 2.59 Inch

6. The item is divided into Household Type and Night Type.


1. The item Fits the Glans Diameter more than 28mm, Coronal diameter of 21mm and 30mm´╝łplease measure the diameter before the penis Erection).

2. If your Glans diameter is less than 28mm, please directly use the night Type, as the Household Type will be easy to drop off if your Glance Diameter less than the 28mm.
3. Circumcision should be replaced for one month, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the product, when wearing make sure that the foreskin of the penis ring and dried.


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