G-Spot Tongue Rose Massager


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Tongue love fantasy,continuous stimulation of honey beans and G-spot,pleasure such as balloon expansion and thinning 

The specific location of G-spot is 4cm away from the private mouth,which is about 8.1mm long and 3.6mm wide.Not a point,but a region.

pleasure concentrated detonating,crisp hemp carried away,it’s like a drop of water blowing up the whole oil-bath.

Ten-stage frequency conversion.welcone the wonderful tide step by step.

1.Wake up the body,about 10 billion nerve fibers in the human body wake them up with high-frequency soft tongue.

2.Titillate honey beans.Use a small ball to gently paste honey beans and draw circles back and forth as if lying in the foarming cream,which is wonderful and warm.

Silky silicone comfort experience,delicate soft vertical and pleasant.


Silicone + ABS




USB Charging


10 frequency

Package Included

1 x Vibrator, 1x USB Charging Lead

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