Handcuffs Ankles Velvet rhinestones 6PCS/Set


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Do you want to enjoy exhilarating and sensuous bondage fun? Then this is the kit that you need to buy to up your level. It can simply help you to get everything that you need to enjoy the best BDSM night. This kit consists of hogtie, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, mask, collar and ball gag. It can offer great comfort for long wear. It is made up of a durable material and the hardware pieces are completely free from nickel. They are good for your skin too.

Material: Suede PU Leather

Mask Ball Gag  Collar  

20*10cm 65cm(Length) /3.5cm(Ball) 47cm*2.5cm/95cm(thin rope) 

Handcuffs Hogtie  Anklecuffs

 29*2.5cm  31.5cm   33*2.5cm

Power: No
Color: Purple/Red
Package Included: Bondage Kits 3* 1 Set/6PCS
Wholesale Price: $7.48~$12.66


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