Male Chastity Device Belt Cage


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This sex toy is made of the male and this device is designed in such a way that it provides utmost security and comfort. The ring design has three different interlocking pieces that can fit together like the puzzle. With the help of the two pins, you can hold the piece with one another. This set is durable in nature but quite light in weight for utmost comfort and pleasure. This is made up of hypoallergenic medical-grade polycarbonate material for being skin friendly. This device is designed for restricting you to touch the genitals for any sexual pleasure. The ring is designed in a flat manner for providing comfort and to be more secure.

Material: Medical-Grade Polycarbonate
Size: Ring Size: 1.38”/1.50”/1.69”/1.81”/1.93”
Function: Male Chastity Device
Color: Pink/Clear/Black(Send in random)
Package Included:

1.One Cage

2.Five Rings

3.Locking Pins&Spacers

4.Five individually numbered plastic locks

5.One Brass Padlock with Two Keys

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