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As a man if you are keen on getting the best of erections, support and stamina, you must for sure get to know more about this penis ring. It is a ring based plug that is famous for its sturdy construction. It is connected firmly to the base. Once you ensure that the rings are properly placed, all you have to do is to position them. It will slowly tug and make sure that your anal cavity is able to get the best possible stimulation.
It is sensitive to temperature and made from the best silicone material that is fully hypoallergenic. It can easily be cooled of heat before insertion at any time you want. It works best when you are generous about using the best quality water-based lubricants. It also will ensure that the silicone based butt will remain in good condition for a reasonably long period of time. However, it would be advisable to avoid contact of this butt plug with other silicone toys because it could create problems and allergic reactions.

Material: Silicone

Double Penis Ring: One Diameter-1.37in Another Diameter-1.69in

Connection Length: 3.93in

Prostate: Length-3.66in Diameter-1.18in

Weight: 58g/2.04oz
Color: Black
Package Included: 1 x Penis Ring Anal Plug
Wholesale Price: $1.93~$3.66


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