Stainless Steel Metal Butt Plug (M)


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Fulfill your desire for a great and satisfying anal play with the help of this butt-plug. With the smooth metallic texture this anal plug can provide you with easy insertion and pleasure. It is made up of a lightweight aluminum and a gemstone at the base. This butt plug is designed in such a manner than it comes with a classic pointed shape and a bump. This shape can provide you with the most stimulation sensation.

It can offer you with the best feeling ever with the nickel-free aluminum alloy butt plugs which is designed perfectly to spark your inner anal-play desire. It comes with a perfect weight along with a temperature sensitivity to give you complete pleasure throughout the play.

Material: Stainless Steel
Sizes: 3.34 in x 1.37 in
Power: No
Color: White/Red/Rose Red/Deep Green/Deep (Light) Purple/Deep (Light) Blue
Package Included: 1 x Anal Plug (M)
Wholesale Price: $1.39~$2.66


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