shequ male masturbation cup

My buddy Jack recently told me about his new favor sex toy – the Shequ Male Masturbation Cup.​ I must admit I was intrigued to give it a shot.​ I mean, if anything, I’m always up for trying something new in the bedroom!

So I figured why not? I looked up reviews – seems like others have had good experiences with it, so I decided to take the plunge and give it a go.​ I mean, it wasn’t as if I was taking out a second mortgage to buy it, was it?

My first experience with the Shequ Male Masturbation Cup was .​.​.​ phenomenal! I couldn’t believe how pleasurable it felt! The inside material and vibrations were incredibly pleasing.​ And since it was a solo experience, it was two times as fun.​

The vivid sensations that going through my body were unlike anything I’ve had before.​ With so much pleasure culminating in unison, dildos it was like being given the key to my own world of pleasure.​ My heart was pounding, my blood was pumping, and my mind was running wild!

Plus, it was nice not to have to worry about making messes or worrying about someone coming in while I was in the middle of something.​ This cup made everything nice and neat (my place too!).​

I almost didn’t want to put it down! I still use it quite frequently, and have grown to look forward to my personal time with my Masturbation Cup.​ It’s like having my own little hideaway where I can get lost in the pleasure and fantasies that come with it.​

Other than that, I’ve extended the adventure with the Shequ Male Masturbation Cup more by experimenting with different settings.​ I’ve found myself pushing the pleasure buttons to adjust the speed and intensity.​ I can go as far as I wish while taking this spotlight of pleasure for an unforgettable ride.​

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had an enjoyable experience with this product.​ It’s been a part of my regular sex toy rotation for quite a while now, and I expect that to continue on for the foreseeable future!

best top 10 silicone sex doll for men with skeleton list and get free shipping - 0c3ifkenI’ve also found that using this masturbation cup with other sexual toys offers an even better experience.​ And it’s really no surprise why either, considering how good it feels on its own! I’ve tested it out with butt plugs, cockrings, vibrators/bullets, and prostate massagers – and each time I get to a higher level of pleasure.​

But Don’t let that distract you from the fact that you can still use it as an enjoyable solo experience.​ Don’t be scared of pushing yourself a little and being adventurous either; you’d be pleasantly surprised by the level of pleasure you can achieve all by yourself.​

The price is really not that bad either.​ If it falls within your budget, adding this product to your sex toy collection is definitely an investment worth making! I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as me once you do.​