step sis sex doll

Oh man, vibrators did you hear about my step-sis getting a sex toys doll? I couldn’t believe it when she told me. It’s like, have you ever heard anything like that? I mean, what does she have going on in her life that she needs a lifelike companion like that?

I was so confused and all I could do was laugh awkwardly at her. It’s like, how do you even bring something like that up in conversation? But it turns out she had been researching them for months and decided one would be a great addition to her room. Clearly, she was excited but I was more taken aback.

My initial thought was just how realistic these dolls looked. It was scary to think there was a human-like mannequin laying in her bed. On top of that, some of the models came with features like temperature controls and voice options. It felt unnatural.

I asked her if she had thought about how it might be awkward for any guy to walk in and find a sex doll lying there. It’s like, what would be the natural response? She just laughed it off but it made me curious. I mean, how commonplace is it nowadays to find someone with a robotic lover?

No matter what I said, she was still very hesitant on telling her friends and family about it—not that I was any better. I mean, I didn’t want to be gossiped about because my sister owned a robot for her bedroom.

So I thought more about it and found plenty of pros for her being the proud owner of a sexbot. One of them being that she would never be alone or left out of date night activities with her friends. Plus, there would be no drama or emotional upset with her robotic lover around.

There was also the fact that apparently, these robots could be as customizable and as realistic as the buyer wanted. It’s like, you could decide the hairstyle, eye shape, skin color, and even voice and clothing if you wanted.

But still, I couldn’t wrap my head around why would someone get a plush toy when there are options to finding a real human life partner? It just seemed wrong to bypass any potential relationships and opt for a silent bed partner instead.