We all know the stigma attached to dildos: They’re big, they’re intimidating, and for many of us, they’re downright embarrassing. But why are all dildos big? I’ve been asking myself that question for months now, and I think I’ve come to an answer.

For starters, dildos are supposed to look like a real-life penis, and a real-life penis isn’t usually small. According to a study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average adult penis size is 5.2 inches when erect—but that’s just a generalization. Due to the normal human variation in penis size, some people may never actually experience a penis of that size.

When it comes to dildos, the average size is considerably larger—anywhere from 6 to 8 inches in length. A lot of it has to do with the fact that people want to feel fuller or more satisfied, and a bigger dildo can often provide that extra feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that its smaller counterparts can’t.

Then there’s the issue of increased stimulation when it comes to large dildos. I mean, the more surface area of a person’s genitalia is stimulated, the higher the chances for orgasm can become. And that’s something many people find attractive, whether they’re using a dildo on themselves or someone else.

Plus, from a psychological standpoint, large dildos can offer a sense of empowerment. Being able to wield that kind of size with confidence can make a person feel in control and aroused—a tantalizing combination for many.

Another thing to consider is that most dildos are designed with a specific purpose in mind. Whether that’s anal play or vaginal play—or anything in between—larger dildos tend to be better suited to these activities and often interact with your body more effectively than their smaller counterparts.

All this is to say that while it can be intimidating, there’s a good reason why all dildos tend to be on the larger side—or at least larger than average. Playing with a large dildo comes with its own set of rewards and opportunities, and at the end of the day, it’s really all about what you make of it.

Another reason why most dildos are larger than average is because bigger toys can cause more sensation and pleasure when used. Dildos tend to be relatively slim, so they can slide in and out of a person easily, but when the girth increases, so does the amount pleasure felt. This means that people with larger dildos can experience stronger levels of sexual arousal and stimulation than those with smaller ones.

Moreover, bigger dildos are great for people who are into anal play as they can help to stretch the walls of the anal canal to make the experience more enjoyable and comfortable. This can be especially beneficial for those who have tight muscles or those who have never tried anal before as it helps them become used to the sensation of penetration in a safe and gradual way.

Bigger dildos can also be used to target certain parts of the body, such as the G-spot or the prostate, more effectively. G-spot stimulation is often achieved with a curved dildo, while prostate stimulation requires particular lengths, curves and widths that are easier to reach with a larger dildo. These bigger toys can help people reach deeper areas of their anatomy—areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Finally, bigger toys often hold their shape better, meaning that you can get longer-lasting pleasure out of them. This is particularly helpful for those who struggle with erectile dysfunction or for those who just need some extra help during partner play.

All in all, the advantages of larger dildos can’t be ignored. From better stimulation to longer-lasting pleasure, bigger dildos are definitely worth considering for sex dolls those looking to add a bit more fun to their bedroom antics.