where to hide your sex toys reddit

My friend recently asked me where to hide her sex toys. With the ever growing number of people looking to buy sex toys, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking for ways to hide them. Especially if we don’t want our children, parents, or roommates stumbling across them. When I told her I’d heard that Reddit had some ideas for hiding sex toys, she wasn’t easily convinced. So I thought I’d share what I found out with her.

On Reddit, there are plenty of passionate users who have shared great ideas and hacks for hiding sex toys. One popular option is to use an old model car. People fill the car with toys and Penis Rings close it up, so it looks like just an old toy car from the outside. Not only does this create a great hiding spot for sex toys, but it also can make a great conversation piece if somebody happens to stumble across it!

Another popular option is a plain cardboard box. Users suggest taping the box closed and labeling it something like “computer parts”. That way, if someone walks by and takes a look, it doesn’t appear to be anything more exciting than boring tech gear. It’s also a great way to store the sex toys out of sight, while helping keep the dust off them.

Privacy curtains can also be a great option when it comes to hiding sex toys. Just hang a privacy curtain around the shelves or cabinets that you store the toys in, and you’ve got a perfect hiding spot. No one will be able to see through the curtain, so you can feel confident that your sex toys will be safely hidden away.

Stuffed animals can also be a great way to hide your sex toys. Just think about the hundreds of stuffed animals that people have in their homes. Who’s going to take a close look at that teddy bear and guess that there’s a dildo hidden away inside?

Finally, furniture can also be a great way to hide your sex toys. Many people have old furniture that they’re no longer using, but that still looks decent from the outside. Store the sex toys in one of these pieces of furniture and you’ll be able to keep them hidden from view.

As I told my friend, Reddit can be a treasure trove of tips and hacks if you’re trying to hide your sex toys. People have so many creative ideas to choose from, that finding the right hiding spot was easy. Now that I’ve been able to share this knowledge with her, she’s finally got the perfect hiding spot for her sex toys.