Wow, this topic is unique – guys pumping penis! I’ll never forget the time I stumbled on this weird topic.​ I think it was a few months ago after a wild night partying with some of my friends which prompted us to go online and search for some of the crazy things that tend to only get talked about behind closed doors.​ That’s how we stumbled on the topic of guys pumping penis.​

We were all curious as to what it was and why anyone would engage in such activity.​ So, we all shared our thoughts and opinions until eventually, one of my friends, who as always was more up to date on the latest trends than the rest of us, revealed that it was a type of sexual activity where a man would attach a cylindrical device onto his penis and pump air into it, allowing the penis to become larger and harder than normal.​

Naturally, we were all in awe and in shock, if I’m being honest.​ I mean, why would a dude want to do something the size of his manhood, it’s contradicting and confusing.​ But, it’s not to say that we didn’t find it just a little bit intriguing.​ We wanted to know more, was this something men would do with their partners or just on their own? Is it for pleasure or even just for self-esteem issues?

My curiosity was through the roof and so I started doing some research.​ I found out that penis pumps are supposedly used for a variety of reasons, i.​e.​ erectile dysfunction, incontinence, and as a form of sexual stimulation.​ Although, after speaking to some friends who’d used the device, it seemed that more than half of them used it for the purpose of getting an instant harder erection.​ And, since it uses air pressure, there was no need for getting side effects from any kind of chemicals or drugs.​

From what I gathered, most of these penis pumps are made of either a plastic cylinder with a rubber or vinyl sleeve on the cylinder and a bulb or a trigger assembly that gets attached to the end of the cylinder.​ When squeezed, the air sucks the penis inside and when released, the valve releases the air pressure and the user can then detach it.​

All in all, as strange as it all sounded, I was pretty amazed by how it worked and just how developed the technology had become.​ It seemed to stand for its promises and it seemed to be a safe way of achieving an instant erection.​ The next thing I had to investigate, which was just as equally interesting, was how to use the penis pumps correctly.​

From what I could tell, you should always start slow and then gradually pump more air in so as to get used to the pressure.​ Apparently, it’s best to avoid using a penis pump more than 30 minutes at a time.​ It felt almost like what I would imagine a fun and safe way to explore your sexuality, but as we all know, it should be best done when both parties are comfortable and well informed about it.​

We also found out that penis pumps can come with accessories, different kinds of lubricants, gels, and sound enhancers, depending on what you’re looking for.​ This has completely opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, and for some, it may be the way to go when it comes to upping your sexual game.​ But, vibrators as with anything, make sure you always research carefully before trying something new.​

I have had people who are really into this.​ Apart from those who solely use the penis pump for stimulation, I even know of people who use them for medical purposes.​ They spoke about the physical and mental health benefits of using them, such as self-confidence and longer staying power in bed.​ I have to admit it was a tad confusing but also amazing.​

It looks like this has been around for generations and a lot of men have tried to use the penis pump in order to feel better about themselves.​ Seeing it as sort of a hand tool to enhancing the penis and vibrators making it nicer to look at and increase their own feeling of sexuality.​ There was also a study out there that stated that using a penis pump was helpful for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.​

Going beyond the physical aspects, penis pumps have also opened up conversations around mental health.​ A lot of men suffer from performance anxiety, which can be really tough to deal with.​ The combination of a penis pump and communication with a partner about their needs can really help alleviate these kinds of issues.​

Some men have taken it as far as using it as part of their daily routine.​ I was surprised to find that there are actually different kinds of pumps that can be used in order to magnify certain parts of the penis and what it can do.​ It has been incredible to learn about all the ways people have adapted and expanded upon this technology.​

Not only that but it is just as interesting to see all the companies that have been formed over time to help people with their penis and how they can enhance it in a physical and mental way.​ Sure, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s clear that a lot of men are really benefiting from the technology and have claimed to never go back.​

Finding out more about this topic has been eye-opening to say the least.​ It made me think about the importance of talking openly about your desires and making sure that whatever you do it should not be taken lightly.​ Except in the case of an illness, we must always keep in mind the proper care and cautionary methods one should take when experimenting with penis pumps.​