yahoo answers male masturbation

My best friend and I had a great conversation about male masturbation lately.​ We got talking some months ago about the topic and it turns out we both had our own experiences due to Yahoo Answers! It’s a site where people can ask anonymous questions and get answers, sometimes from seasoned professionals and the like, other times from people who just want to share their opinion.​

At first, I was a bit hesitant to even look at the answers, feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole thing.​ After scrolling through the comment section, Penis Rings it got me really interested in what people were saying.​ It was really fascinating to read different personal stories and thoughts on male masturbation specifically.​

One of my favorite comments was about the benefits.​ Someone on the site talked about how it can help with stress, increase blood circulation and improve sensation when having sex.​ These were all great insights that you probably wouldn’t find in any book.​

The downside was the comparison of rubbing one out to an exercise routine.​ It was an interesting concept, but it put me off a little.​ Exercise releases endorphins and that’s great, but masturbation can also be an outlet for releasing creativity, pleasure and relaxation.​

In some of the comments, balance was mentioned as key to enjoy male masturbation healthily.​ This rang true in my opinion as well.​ It’s important we are aware that there should be a balance between pleasure and rational thinking.​ A lot of the comments were really creative which made the answer section enjoyable again.​

One comment that caught my attention was about the impact of pornography.​ Whilst it’s okay to watch adult content or whatever else you enjoy, it’s important to filter out what is healthy to make your own informed decisions.​ If there are any triggers that can affect your mental or physical wellbeing, it’s important to address those accordingly.​

At the end of the day, it’s all about understanding yourself and your limits.​ It goes without saying, it’s normal to have a strong drive to masturbate and to let the pleasure wash over you.​ Everyone has their own experiences and the what works for someone may not always work for you.​

A quick scan of the comment section also revealed that different masturbation techniques can offer sensations that are pleasurable, with different sex toys being an option too.​ There was also advice on trying different positions and even different atmospheres.​ I thought this was really good advice and totally something that I haven’t thought about before.​

The comments were also highlighting the importance of communication.​ While it’s possible to do everything solo, it’s usually more enjoyable when done with someone else.​ Discussing the topic with a partner or doctor can be helpful in making informed decisions.​

One thing that the comment section did confirm was that female masturbation was equally as normal as male masturbation.​ So in conclusion, in my opinion, it’s really just important to be self aware and recognize when something is no longer enjoyable or healthy.​

All in all, I was really grateful for the insight from the comments section from Yahoo Answers.​ It was really helpful to hear from people who were comfortable to share their thoughts about this topic.​ It’s always good to understand different perspectives and all the advice in the end!